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Columbia River Knife & Tool (known as CRKT) asked Blue Collar to help them create a fresh new brand for their 20th anniversary. 

We dove in head first with a discovery phase where we considered the competitive landscape, conducted stakeholder interviews, gauged market opportunities and learned the product offering inside and out. Armed with this important knowledge we started writing—attempting to capture the spirit of not only who the brand currently is, but who they're becoming. This ultimately uncovered the brand strategy, "Confidence in Hand™", which provided the foundation for design. Given the brand's product, more time was spent brainstorming and sketching on camping trips than behind a computer…which allowed for very organic and authentic concepts to rise to the surface. 

After multiple spirited presentations, client collaboration (and a few cut fingers), the new CRKT brand was born! This allowed us to create flexible content that's being used throughout all the new marketing materials. We even designed a 96 page dealer catalog, tradeshow booth, business cards, packaging concepts, lifestyle photoshoot, etc. 

We're excited to unveil our most extensive branding project to date!

Project Specifications
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Iconography Design
  • Product Catalog
  • Tradeshow Booth Design
  • Packaging Concepts

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Hard-Working Ideas

Why is it that even a century after its coining, the term blue collar still has such powerful resonance in our imaginations, conjuring notions of strength, capability, passion, and pride? Maybe its because deep down, we all hope to live up to the standards of those who originally earned that designation.

For us, the decision to build a Blue Collar agency was made when three of us took a look under the hoods of other shops where we’d worked, and arrived at a conclusion: we can do better.

Today, in the tradition of our Blue Collar forefathers, we strive to be adept, creative, informed problem-solvers who aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We commit to being full-service, with expertise in all areas of the craft. We’re unswerving in our pursuit of performance. And we work with people who feel the same.

We’re proud to be Blue Collar.

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CRKT: Born in Oregon

Take a peek behind our creative curtain.

About two years ago we were tasked with creating a video for Columbia Knife and Tool that captured the spirit of the brand and visually presented the ‘Confidence in Hand’ brand strategy. After a few project hurdles, we set out into the wilds of Oregon to bring this video to life.

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