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Your Care Companion

One innocuous day in late 2017 our phone rang. On the line was Tom Reuss, Managing Partner of a company none of us had ever heard of—they didn’t even yet exist on Google—WellHaven Pet Health.

After spending many years refining leadership experience with one of the veterinary industry’s top contenders, Tom, CEO John Bork, and a small team broke away from the monochromatic, impersonal behemoth and set out to create something entirely different. When they hit us up, mere weeks had elapsed since they had won full funding from a California-based private equity firm. Before them laid a near boundless horizon, and they needed help taking full advantage.

WellHaven’s rock-solid strategy and industry-leading expertise needed a brand identity to match…and we were delighted to dig in.

Agency Services

Web Design & Development
Brand Development
Brand Strategy
Content Development (illustration & video)
Tradeshow Booth Design


For most people (and their pets for that matter), a visit to the vet is unpleasant. Even if their long-time veterinarian is warm and friendly, waiting with a sick dog in a whitewashed, raucous waiting room is the pits.

WellHaven is pioneering a model that empowers pet parents to seek a wider range of resources to care for their animals and veterinary professionals to adopt better business practices. So, right away we knew we needed to stand out from the outdated scrum.

Tradition suggested we stage some images of smiling women in lab coats and well-groomed dogs. We scoffed, and started at square one.

Campaign Strategy

An inkling drove us to experiment with illustration—and once we got a taste for the way it became a triumphant rebellion against the rest of the industry, we never looked back.

In parallel, we constructed witty, concise brand attributes that hit at the core of what both pet parents and the owners of a practice seek: professionalism, transparency, and a personal connection. And when anchored by the brand campaign, “Your Care Companion,” everything fell perfectly into place.


We put the brand to work right away with a short booklet. It acts as a strategic first touchpoint (included in thousands of giveaway baggies) for attendees of the industry shows the WellHaven team plans to attend. Then, we set to work on the booth itself—focusing first on counteracting the chaotic nature of the trade show in and of itself.

We created an environment that swims directly upstream: clear, simple illustrations coupled with minimal copy to entice a passerby to stop, smile, then walk in to learn more.

For the Blue Collar + WellHaven partnership, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Keep a sharp eye out for more to come in 2018!

Blue Collar does their homework!…the relationship we have with you guys is more than just vendor/client. It’s like a friendship where we look out for each other and hope for success both ways.

~ Michelle Phuong, Sr. Manager, Systems & Projects

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