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Sigma Photo is a global brand that creates lenses known the world over as some of the best in the business. They are unwavering in their emergence as an industry leader in pro-quality photography gear and they’re rapidly catching the attention of the most passionate photographers.

Sigma Photo is our oldest client, and we’ve said that with great pride since 2009. After a brand voice refresh in 2013, we have maintained a rock-solid relationship with them by way of new product campaigns, email campaigns, digital advertising, and more.

From annual strategic business planning to quarterly campaign launches to weekly status meetings and day to day duties, we’re a proud partner through and through.

Agency Services

Brand Identity
Advertising (online & print)
Website Design & Development
Media Planning
Email Marketing


What compels someone to pick up a camera in the first place?

We set out to create an entire powerful, enduring brand to cradle the question. But before we picked up our proverbial pen, we did our due diligence—collecting research needed to do it right. Market data, competitive analysis, and analytics among other critical insights were definitively plotted points on our roadmap. While the Sigma marketing team in Japan made subtle tweaks to the existing, original logo mark, we created the brand voice to stand out and deeply resonate with our pointed target audience.

A full global brand refresh emerged. The voice and tone guidelines paint a holistic picture of a photography brand that’s confident in owning its authority at the top of the high-end lens pack. Collaboratively, we built a full visual and voice suite replete with marketing execution examples, sub branding, and iconography.


In 2009, Blue Collar worked with Sigma to design, develop, and launch an initial revamp to their existing brochure website. This portrayed the brand in a much more contemporary light with large product images, detailed end-use photos, and a slick product finder tool.

Three years later, we took the rigorous research and creative work and deepened it to form the foundation of a new ecommerce-focused website. In order to go head-to-head with Nikon and Canon, the list of requirements was short but clear; brand, product experience, enterprise-level ecommerce, marketability, and community.

The end result is replete with beautiful imagery, is highly usable, and incorporates product pages that shine a beautiful light on Sigma’s products and make it supremely easy to buy.

Before a line of code was written, a comprehensive technical plan was developed based on a few key components including remote publishing, sophisticated and nuanced relationship models, a complete back-end integration for seamless e-commerce transactions, inventory sync, and dynamic pricing information.

Monthly Website Content Creation

Built from a detailed editorial calendar, our monthly updates to the website content optimizes conversion and encourages repeat visits.

Since the first website launch almost a decade ago, we’ve helped Sigma ideate, strategize, create, and implement these monthly content updates, significantly increasing visits to landing pages, and helping visitors navigate to blog posts and other helpful educational tools.

Additionally, this creative strategy dovetails flawlessly with a monthly email send, tapping into a robust, engaged list of photography enthusiasts and professionals.

Online Advertising

In conjunction with monthly website creative strategy, we create a full online advertising suite backed by exacting data to ensure optimal visibility and click through rate. Retargeting ads form the foundation of our extensive online advertising strategy, and have proven to be highly effective.

From media planning to staying ahead of the curling wave of social media, we work hand-in-hand with Sigma to ensure that their ROI is as high as possible.

Campaign Ideation/Execution

Handcrafted in Japan

Over the past decade, Blue Collar has helped Sigma build campaign creative for major initiatives. In 2016, we created “Handcrafted in Japan” to highlight Japan’s recognition as a region that maintains the world’s highest quality of manufacturing standards. This sub-brand platform was created as an element to be used across all marketing channels to raise awareness for Sigma’s commitment to quality and for Aizu, Japan, as Sigma’s home. Aizu is rich in cultural history—and the birthplace of Sigma’s products, services, vision, and pride. In the Aizu factory, Sigma’s company history and local culture come together in the form of inimitable craftsmanship. The campaign creative deliverables included a logo, narrative, and execution plan for global rollout.

Sigma’s 50th Anniversary

In 2011, Sigma celebrated their 50th anniversary. From the first lens converter in 1961, to a full line of lenses, camera bodies, flashes and accessories, Sigma has travelled through half a century in step with beginner, amateur, and pro photographers.

Sigma’s 50th was celebrated with prizes, events, and fun content. The main draw of the campaign was a nine-month giveaway of Sigma lenses.

Sigma SuperFan

As a special shout out to all their die hard fans, we helped create the “Sigma SuperFan” campaign. After identifying “who is the Sigma SuperFan?” with research, we launched a four season campaign that included custom campaign photography, shot by Nicolle Clemetson, one of our favorite Portland portrait photogs. We architected the strategy and execution plan, a microsite with social integration, SuperFan swag, and a contest with product giveaway driven by user-generated content.

The team at Blue Collar always goes beyond what is expected on our business, and consistently brings great creative and strategic thinking to all aspects of our sales, marketing and communications programs.

~ Rick Booth, Director of Marketing, Sigma Photo Corporation of America

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