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Nike is the world’s leading footwear and apparel brand. Sponsoring kings like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy and queens like Michelle Wie, the emblematic swoosh is privy to the front-of-mind of anyone searching for their next shoe, club, skirt, or hat.

One challenge that faces a company like Nike is maintaining the brand’s integrity and sharpness as their products and advertisements are featured in a wide variety of retail environments.

Striking the right chord with an online customer in this sense is a challenge—one we were excited to confront.

Agency Services

Retail Digital Advertising
Website Design & Development
Online Brand Management
Social Maintenance


Online advertising is alive and well. And Nike knows how to leverage this medium to gain share of voice in the consumer’s eye. While most brands focus primarily on the media to develop awareness, Nike understands the importance of impression in the digital retail environment.

Strong banner ad creative isn’t just about following a brief and specs. It’s critical to take a step back and truly think about the context of the impression and identify our opportunity.


As a creative-led ad shop, we crave strong visual assets. And when only the best creative in the industry is acceptable by one of the world’s most powerful brands, an assets-first mentality rules the fairway.

The retail marketing team is set up for success with an arsenal of razor-sharp athlete and product photography to work with. We are happy. And consequently, what we create, simply works.

Product Centric Page

  • Choose ads that feature an athlete.
  • Choose ads that feature abstract representations of product.

Visually Complex Page

  • Choose visually simple ads.
  • Avoid ads that feature more than one product view.
  • Simplify messaging.


  • Increase copy size for legibility.
  • Avoid visually complex ads.
  • Simplify messaging.
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