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For a relatively inexpensive lift ticket, the perks at Snowbasin Ski Resort are piled high—short lines, room to shred, and plenty to do when you wake up and your legs are dying for an off day. Their team approached us asking for help designing a website to match their on-site experience, no simple feat.

Our primary focus was clarity. We revamped the sitemap, updated page layout, and organized content all while digging into the extensive library of assets provided by the resort. An additional challenge was creating the proper space for peripheral content—bright colors denoting zone changes, sharp imagery, and clear call-out buttons were sprinkled throughout lending flow while packing in plenty of information.


A major consideration for this audience is device. Only a small slice would ever be viewing on a desktop so the importance of total responsiveness is paramount. And finally, creating a site with back-end usability was an imperative—the good people at Snowbasin needed to be able to modify content without wanting to throw their mice across the room. The end result: see for yourself.


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