What’s in a brand?

Name + logo + voice + colors + typography. But what emerges—when done right and built to last—is so much greater than the sum of its parts. True, differentiation and recognizability are among the most visible assets of a brand but the best brands don’t simply chaperone a consumer through the funnel and towards the “Buy Now” button. They foster brand love and a loyalty that’s felt throughout the industry and beyond.


It all starts with research. A smart brand rests not with preferences or gut instincts of executives or creatives. It centers the ethos of the consumer. Here’s how we uncover it:


+ Customer/Employee Surveys
+ Market Insights (Owned/Created)
+ Social Listening


+ Executive Interviews
+ Stakeholder Interviews
+ Competitive Analysis


+ Existing Brand Materials
+ Past Proposal/Presentation Materials
+ SWOT Analysis
+ Observational


The foundational layer to a successful brand is writing. And lots of it.


This is your positioning statement. The first thing a potential brand advocate wants to know is how you see the world. They want to understand the lens through which you view it. A brand simply can’t be neutral.


These are defining, values-driven pillars of your brand. They fortify the brand positioning statement and are less about what your organization sells, creates, promotes as much as it’s about the “why.” This helps us uncover and talk about the reasons your team gets out of bed in the morning. It also begins to establish vocabulary usage, sentence structure, and rhythm.


This is a piece of writing that’s separate from your target audience. Here, we use analogy as a device for illustrating the positioning statement and attributes of your brand. This is crafted specifically to help future brand writers and creatives “get into character” when they create new branded materials for you.


This is where we sharply define who’s coming with us on your brand journey. Less about demographics and psychographics, we use this element to pinpoint the perspective and lens of your audience so we know how to appeal to them emotionally.


This is unquestionably the most challenging part of branding. Of course, not every brand project surmounts in a new name, but sometimes the therapeutic brand exercises and creative conversation inspires a major shift in direction. That’s the exciting stuff. Your new name will be:
Intelligible, short, free and clear of trademark conflicts.
Accessing the heart of what your company believes and how your company lives their truths.
Enduring, able to evolve.


Just do it. The ultimate driving machine. Brand anthems fortify your brand name, amplify your brand attributes, and speak for your brand when character count is extremely limited. Its importance simply can’t be understated. Your brand anthem will be:
Extremely short: two to four words.
Simple, memorable, impactful.
A guiding beacon for not just the brand but for company operations and behavior.

Visual Identity

The simple truth: the great majority of those interacting with your brand will be able to recall visual elements better than those that are written. But with strong cohesion between the two and visual representation that uplifts and fortifies everything that your brand says, all pieces converge to create a lasting and moving impression. We start with inspirational research and mood boards which fuel rough sketches and concepts. Digital refinement happens next and paves the way for typography and color selection. Then, we put it in its element on business cards, letterhead, signage, and more.

Brand Guidelines

If every element listed above is a finely tuned and polished instrument, the brand guidelines is the concerto. This is our final deliverable: a bible that becomes the heart and soul of your brand and a enduring tool to guide the evolution of your brand no matter what’s around the corner.

We’re always ready to pop the hood and dive in.

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