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ViralSweep + Yakima: How To Use Sweepstakes To Boost Brand Awareness

ViralSweep + Yakima: How to Use Sweepstakes to Boost Brand Awareness

It’s official: the outdoor industry is a behemoth. While that might seem laughably elementary, until painfully recently, we didn’t have figures to help us quantify just how much it matters. So, according to the Outdoor Industry Association, “the outdoor industry pumps $646 billion in direct spending into the American economy.” And with that, it has definitively asserted itself as a major contender in America’s economic conversation.

So much noise means that people are engaging at an impressive rate. Likewise, the competition is heating up to carve out and maintain a market share. Enter: Yakima.

Yakima is one of the great original outdoor-minded car accessory brands. In an initiative introduced to us several months ago, they aimed to fortify brand awareness among those in peripheral audiences and grow their email list. They knew that sweepstakes are excellent for achieving just that.


The Logic

For outdoorsy folks, the Summer Solstice isn’t simply a date on the calendar…for many, it’s one of the most anticipated days of the year. People celebrate the longest day of the year with extensive plans and objectives, good friends, and, of course, the gear that will get them there. To capitalize, Yakima asked us to help them craft creative for and manage a two-week daily giveaway. “Daily giveaways create momentum,” said Yakima’s Brand Manager, Jonny Wood, “but adding fellow heavy hitter partner brands creates a lot of audience cross-pollination.”

With 26,241 emails collected (just under half were new to their list), this is one of the most successful brand awareness campaigns Yakima has ever run.

With ENO, Osprey, Keen, Hobie, Cairn, Astral, YETI, Pure Cycles, and a number of esteemed non-profits signed on as partners, the reach was far and wide. We developed a custom landing page and updated it daily with the new giveaway. From June 7-June 20, it was on.


The Results

Yakima was supremely pleased with the results, not simply because we grew their email list by an impressive 11,000, but because the sweepstakes generated quite a bit of follower growth for their social channels. “The level of activity on our social channels as well as the social channels of our contest partners was an unexpected bonus to the campaign,” Jonny explained. “The bonus entry structure created huge growth over a short time, and the users have stayed with the brand after the contest ended.”

Additionally, Yakima saw…


Thanks to the highly-customizable nature of ViralSweep and the easy-to-add extra entry options, Yakima got some serious mileage out of the traffic that landed on their page.

Interested in using a ViralSweep campaign to boost your email list and grow your social following? Get in touch.

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