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New Client Announcement: Turnpike Partnership

New Client Announcement: Turnpike Partnership

Several months ago, Kyle Keeney of the Turnpike Partnership—one of Creative Director/Blue Collar Partner Tom’s long-time friends—called him about new work within the ever-changing and dynamic biotech, life science, and pharmaceutical industries. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity.

With previous experience within the healthcare industry thanks to GoHealth Urgent Care, we were eager to flex our creative muscle and work to highlight all of the positivity and real change that’s brought to the industry thanks to the Turnpike.

Why the Turnpike Partnership Matters

Over the last 40 years, life science research has fundamentally changed. Previously, there were companies with their foundations rooted to universities, creating an ecosystem of academic research being developed by the companies surrounding them. Over time, a majority of the companies have slowly migrated into just four to five global locations, relegating the vast majority of resources to these cities.

In the United States, Boston and the Bay Area are the two major hubs. The universities have continued to do research, life science entrepreneurs have continued to graduate, but the support system is missing, potentially leaving the next great idea to die on the vine. This is where the Turnpike Partnership steps in. They help connect the research and entrepreneurs to the mentorship and funding located in the hubs. And with several incredible breakthroughs brought to market already by the partnership, helping them broaden their reach and polish their look is a project that we’re happy to hang our hats on at the end of the day.

We believe in the mission of the Turnpike Partnership. Keep a close eye on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information on the new work that will get the grand reveal within the next few months. Have a pressing question? Hit us up.

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