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Field Tested: Sigma Photo In Mechanic Hands

Field Tested: Sigma Photo in Mechanic Hands

Nine years ago—when Sigma Photo first joined the Blue Collar client roster (they were the first!)—we knew that there were big things ahead for our professional relationship as well as our personal journeys with image making. Time and again, Sigma proves to be a world-class contender in professional-grade photography lenses and we’re proud to have been a part of it for nearly a decade.

A long-term client relationship as deep and collaborative as this one, though, doesn’t come about on its own. Endless curiosity, mutual trust, and creative drive are deliberately and carefully built into the bedrock. From the very beginning we’ve focused on a profound understanding of their company and values and gone above and beyond to become industry insiders ourselves. So when a new lens hits the market or a new sterling review is published, the jubilance and celebrations are earnest and mutual.

Learning from the Pros

Recently, we wrestled up every last Blue Collar mechanic and spent the day exploring new lenses, new technologies, and the future of the company with Sigma Tech Rep, Aaron Norberg—a masterful photographer himself and a thorough, patient teacher.

Aaron covered basics like nuances in aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in Sigma lenses before delving deeper into the breakthrough advancements in optical stabilization, the Foveon sensor, and the mirrorless revolution all core to Sigma’s story. Best of all, it was a highly interactive presentation and the mechanics were at the top of their game when it came to asking questions and exploring anecdotes that examined their own experiences with Sigma lenses.

Before we wrapped up the morning classroom session, Aaron ran through the lineup of Sigma’s most popular and wave-making lenses, highlighting the new 14-24mm | Art lens renowned for its superior sharpness even when focus set at infinity and the durable yet extremely sharp 24-70mm | Art lens among others. Needless to say, we were freshly enamored of Sigma and the extent to which they go to build incredibly precise lenses for even the most demanding photographers.

Sigma Field Tested

Putting our Skills to the Test

A wealth of knowledge isn’t the only thing that Aaron brought—he was also toting over 20 Sigma lenses in mint condition ready to be put to the test in mechanic hands.

We headed out to the Mosier Twin Tunnels trail where—just our luck—it was well below freezing and starting to snow. For us, though, that meant soft, less challenging lighting, ethereal snow-dusted scenes, and wildlife!

Sigma Field Tested
Sigma Field Tested
Sigma Field Tested

If we’ve learned anything over the years it’s that doing something fun together builds strong, lasting relationships, and we are fortunate enough to have built a relationship with Sigma that’s not only fun, but allows us to hone our crafts as photographers and cinematographers. Here’s to nine more!

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  1. I honestly never thought much of Sigma… until I tried it 🙂 10-22mm f/3.5 (if I remember correctly) was one of the best wide-angle lenses that I used. Gotta get my hands on 85mm 1.4 art! PS: Those are good shots, love the eagle and the snow just makes him look more magnificent

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