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The Persuaders Of 2016: GMUNK

The Persuaders of 2016: GMUNK

Years ago we bequeathed upon some small, musty corners of Portland a Blue Collar brainchild: The Persuaders Society. Simply, we realized that there are some remarkably kick-ass creatives living among us, and we wanted to connect them with those who feel moved and inspired by their doings.

Since its inception, we’ve hosted live talks with Professional Storyteller David Vanadia, Designer Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., Principal Architect at Skylab Architecture, Jeff Kovel, and most recently, award-winning author Rene Denfeld. The short of it: whoa.

Many of these accomplished individuals are friends, or friends of friends, and we’ve been lucky enough to tap the wealth of resources that’s afforded by Portland’s prolific creative community. This year, we are switching things up, and looking outside our immediate circle.

First up was the king of Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg. Cruise through our little “Ode to Zuck” then come back and get a peek at our next-up Persuader: GMUNK.

It’s the only way you learn: by fucking up. 



As 2015 was coming to a close, we asked each mechanic to introduce us to someone who impacted his year. Partner and Creative Director Tom chose this off-the-wall designer.

The Persuaders of 2016: GMUNK

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Why do you consider GMUNK to be a Persuader?

He’s the type of guy who inspires others by his natural curiosity. If he asked you to jump off a bridge, you’d do it because the chance of something awesome happening would be extremely high.

What makes his story special?

His creative path is very familiar to me. He made a name for himself back in the early days of Flash. Making incredibly intricate animations that crushed conventions and put David Carson-esque typographical trends to shame. His work ethic is second to none.

The Persuaders of 2016: GMUNK

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What do you consider to be his most important contribution to the industry/world?

His ability to constantly change. It’s rare to find creative people who don’t fall back on their past successes to solve new creative challenges. GMUNK is always pushing the limits of what’s possible.


What do you think he will contribute to our industry in the next 10 years?

Umm…take a bunch of mushrooms and you’ll find the answer.

The Persuaders of 2016: GMUNK

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How has he inspired you specifically?

GMUNK has inspired me to always start with an idea. From there, it doesn’t matter what tool you use to get there, it only matters that you’re able to let go of the wheel and let other talented people help you steer.


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