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Meet Susan Raulston

Meet Susan Raulston

The shop has gained an extra mechanic! With a fresh degree in hand from Loyola University New Orleans, this budding titan of marketing first dipped her toes into the professional world with an executive internship—then a full-time position—at Target. This boot camp of business experience, when paired with her worldly travels, quintessential Hood River childhood, quick wit, and ease with which she balances anything the Blue Collar Garage throws her way makes her a stellar new addition.

Susan is Blue Collar through and through, and we can’t wait to tell you a little more about our newest project manager with some Q&A.

Meet Susan Raulston

Tell us a little about your family:

I grew up in Hood River with my parents, older sister, and younger brother. We spent our time camping, skiing, and practicing general Hood River-ness. My family also includes the incredible people I’ve met while traveling all over and living in France, New Orleans, and Belgium.

What do you like best about working for a creative agency?

I love the diversity and opportunity of every day. Each project challenges me to learn from both our clients and my colleagues. I’m proud that I can help support such a mighty team to do their best work.

Meet Susan Raulston Blue Collar Agency

What’s your favorite season? Why?

Spring! That’s when the hummingbirds come out. I love the renewing energy that Spring produces; watching the world come back to life every year helps me put everything in perspective.

Meet Susan Raulston Blue Collar Agency

Tell us about your hobbies, sports, and outside-of-work passions:

I love to travel. I spent 12 weeks backpacking Europe east to west in 2016. I lived in Normandy, France for my gap year working as an au pair. Next on my list is Asia, particularly South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. When I’m not traveling, I’m eating food from a travel destination on my list or playing music and singing.

What do you consider the greatest human invention of all time?

AAA, full stop.

Meet Susan Raulston Blue Collar Agency

What’s your weirdest quirk?

I am the master of dad jokes and puns. I find them genuinely hilarious.

What’s your philosophy?

“Repetition until fruition” aka: If you want to be happy, practice being happy. If you want to be healthy, practice being healthy. Nothing happens overnight, and the big results come from the little, consistent steps.

What’s your personal goal?

To live as many lives as I can within the one I have.


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