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Meet Sarah Lembcke

Meet Sarah Lembcke

Sarah comes to Blue Collar by way of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Uganda. Yes, you read that right. This adventurous soul kicked the dust off of her Portland hometown and worked as an au pair, a preschool and kindergarten teacher throughout Europe for a few years, soaking up culture, cuisine, and views along the way.

Instead of opting for formal education in business management, she jumped right into hands-on work with one of the most notable names in the entrepreneurial world, Tony Robbins. Needless to say, her interest in business and marketing was piqued.

We’re thrilled to welcome this new mechanic and resident of Hood River. Get to know a little more about Account Manager, Sarah Lembcke with some Q&A.

Blue Collar Agency Meet Sarah Lembcke

What’s your professional background?

I went to school to be a teacher. I love being around the kids, and am in awe at how much we can learn from them. They’re my people. Teaching brought me on a few great adventures throughout Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Uganda. After time in the classroom I wanted to learn business/marketing, and had the opportunity kick this journey off as Tony Robbins Executive Assistant when I was 22. That was my crash course which led me to manage the launch of a skincare startup, marketing in the aesthetic industry, the brand/digital agency world and two years working on the technical side with the Taco Bell replatform.

Tell us a little about your family:

Love the peeps. There are lots of us. The newest members to our crazy crowd is my 8 month nephew, Lark and my 5 month old heeler pup, Sunny.

Blue Collar Agency Meet Sarah Lembcke

What do you like best about working for a creative agency?

Growth. A passion of mine is seeing dreams come true, and you see many dreams wrapped up in the form of a business. I love contributing to strategies that bring ideas to life through many creative and engineering minds alike.

Blue Collar Agency Meet Sarah Lembcke

How did you come to work for Blue Collar?

I found Blue Collar a couple of years ago when I was playing with moving to Hood River, but they weren’t hiring for my position. Timing was right this go around.

Blue Collar Agency Meet Sarah Lembcke

Why do you believe in Blue Collar?

Seniored group who wastes no time on spinning or ego. Diverse experience, genuine talent.

What are your favorite sites, books, and places for inspiration?

Traveling/meeting new people. Being out in it all and talking to people is where I get inspired.

What’s your favorite season? Why?

Summer has been my favorite since I was a kid. I love the heat, water, and playing outside morning to night. Summer brings the most of that for me.

Blue Collar Agency Meet Sarah Lembcke

Tell us about your hobbies, sports, and outside-of-work passions:

Learning to kite. Eager to get going sooner than later. I love all the outside things. Camping, hiking, trail running, rock climbing, yoga. Mountain biking is good stuff I’d like more of. I also love to paint and collect children’s books.

What do you consider the greatest human invention of all time?

Cheese plates? Ice cream? The soft serve machine.

What’s your weirdest quirk?

Pickles and Sauerkraut are a daily staple of mine. I go through a jar a week. They’re up there with ice cream in my book.

What’s your philosophy?

Love people.

What’s your personal goal?

Do the things that feed my soul.


Want more about Sarah and the rest of the Blue Collar crew? Click through to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and, as always, feel free to fire up a conversation.


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