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Consumer Events: Why Hyper-Local Advertising Works So Well

There will forever be a solid place in campaign concepting and creative for the extremely aspirational. That could simply hinge on the fact that Nike is never going away. But even still, the marketing world is detecting a distinct shift in tune. In short: people want to see themselves reflected in their admired brands’ marketing campaigns. Additionally, it’s highly influential when attracting new or revitalizing stagnant customers. More than a small part of that has to do with geography.

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ViralSweep + Yakima: How to Use Sweepstakes to Boost Brand Awareness

It’s official: the outdoor industry is a behemoth. While that might seem laughably elementary, until painfully recently, we didn’t have figures to help us quantify just how much it matters. So, according to the Outdoor Industry Association, “the outdoor industry pumps $646 billion in direct spending into the American economy.” And with that, it has definitively asserted itself as a major contender in America’s economic conversation.

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Got a Social Media Lemon?

Estée Lauder’s drive and ambition made her one of the most successful self-made women in the world. When we look at a business example like hers, and the work ethic that drove her to grow her interest into a company of global success, we think it’s important for every business to realize that every consumer touch point—specifically every tweet and every Facebook post—is an opportunity to make a positive brand impression.

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4 Tips for Construction Industry Marketing

Getting ready to make a long-overdue visit to your hometown? Hold onto your pants, because (spoiler alert) thanks to construction, everything has changed. Plot Blue Collar hometowns on a map, and you’ll see Philadelphia, Denver, Boise, and Portland represented. To say shifting cityscapes stirs intense feelings is an understatement.

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