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Meet Susan Raulston

The shop has gained an extra mechanic! With a fresh degree in hand from Loyola University New Orleans, this budding titan of marketing first dipped her toes into the professional world with an executive internship—then a full-time position—at Target. This…

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Blue Collar Agency Meet Sarah Lembcke

Meet Sarah Lembcke

Sarah comes to Blue Collar by way of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Uganda. Yes, you read that right. This adventurous soul kicked the dust off of her Portland hometown and worked as an au pair, a preschool and kindergarten teacher…

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Save Tilly Jane Fundraising Campaign

Hiking up to the cabin in 2006 was literally the very first snowshoe adventure I experienced in my life and it happened right after I moved from Philadelphia to Oregon earlier that year. Somewhere along the trail—the one that winds through old-growth forest in the shadow of Mt. Hood—my enduring love affair with the Mt. Hood Wilderness was born. (Which was only emboldened after I spent a weekend at the hideout that is Tilly Jane).

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500×500 Challenge: The Ride

Well, about five months have elapsed since my first 500×500 challenge post and it is finally time to wrap this series up and say goodbye (for now). What a journey it has been! It feels like an eternity and a day since I picked up the old Virago in Portland and delivered it to Hood River. Now that the ride has come and gone, it’s time for a recap and to share some life lessons.

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