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Consumer Events: Why Hyper-Local Advertising Works So Well

There will forever be a solid place in campaign concepting and creative for the extremely aspirational. That could simply hinge on the fact that Nike is never going away. But even still, the marketing world is detecting a distinct shift in tune. In short: people want to see themselves reflected in their admired brands’ marketing campaigns. Additionally, it’s highly influential when attracting new or revitalizing stagnant customers. More than a small part of that has to do with geography.

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We Won’t Get Over #OptOutside

Companies banking on Black Friday will lose this holiday season. That’s the short of it.

Every year, we witness holiday campaigns and shopping frenzies kick off earlier and earlier—consumer interest in holiday deals started ramping up on November 11 in 2015. We have a feeling that’s not because everyone was feeling exceptionally organized last year. We even found a survey by RetailMeNot and Kelton Research that discovered 54% of shoppers expect holiday promotions to begin in October, and 85% of responders expect deals before Black Friday. This is getting extreme.

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Pokémon Go and the 5,000lb. Pikachu in the Room

Pokémon Go is so important to the state of our current and future society that every marketing shop in the world should be joining the conversation. No, that’s not hyperbolic. And no, this isn’t just because I watched a kid walk into a light post while playing Pokémon Go yesterday. Or because Soulja Boy is playing it.

In short, the phenomenon is hard to ignore. Even if you personally wouldn’t be caught dead playing it in public, anyone who claims to be relatively interested in the future of marketing, needs to know their way around this game.

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The Persuaders of 2016: GMUNK

Years ago we bequeathed upon some small, musty corners of Portland a Blue Collar brainchild: The Persuaders Society. Simply, we realized that there are some remarkably kick-ass creatives living among us, and we wanted to connect them with those who feel moved and inspired by their doings.

Since its inception, we’ve hosted live talks with Professional Storyteller David Vanadia, Designer Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., Principal Architect at Skylab Architecture, Jeff Kovel, and most recently, award-winning author Rene Denfeld. The short of it: whoa.

Many of these accomplished individuals are friends, or friends of friends, and we’ve been lucky enough to tap the wealth of resources that’s afforded by Portland’s prolific creative community. This year, we are switching things up, and looking outside our immediate circle.

First up was the king of Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg. Cruise through our little “Ode to Zuck” then come back and get a peek at our next-up Persuader: GMUNK.

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Meet Brett Ratchford

He’s a staple of the garage and of The Gorge and definitely a guy worth getting to know—meet Project Manager Brett Ratchford!

As traveled as the day is long, Brett came to Blue Collar by way of extensive world travels. There’s hardly space to enumerate his pre-University-of-Oregon-business-graduate-degree resume, though Chinese language student, bike racer, tour guide, and webmaster rise to the top.

A true jack of all trades both professionally and recreationally; we are pleased to introduce you to this stellar component.

Get to know this seasoned traveler with some Q + A.

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And the #MyCreepyChristmas Winner Is…

Shoeboxes have been overturned, the entries have flooded in, and we’ve crowned a winner! Valerie Hahn is running off with the $500 prize for creepiest photo. And for good reason! Shifty Santa wearing blush? We’ll pass on that lap. Regardless, congrats Valerie!

In response to learning she won the grand prize, Valerie responded “Thank you so much—I’m stoked! We take out this picture every year and laugh and laugh at it. My aunt has it hanging on her refrigerator year-round.” Truly, creepy can’t be held down by a season. That’s poetic.

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Meet The Partners: April Donovan

Inspired by miles of trail and fueled by the backstreet dive bar, April Donovan doesn’t shy away from any challenge, though she has an affinity for those of the creative sort. The first to show, and the last to leave, she’s a driving force in the Blue Collar Garage, and the fearless leader steering headlong into the project-around-the-corner.

This Jill-of-all-trades is quintessentially blue collar. Made of the same stuffs as Hood River’s backwoods and set in a neat typeface, she’s Partner and Creative director of Blue Collar Agency. And it’s about time you got to know her.

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