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Meet Susan Raulston

The shop has gained an extra mechanic! With a fresh degree in hand from Loyola University New Orleans, this budding titan of marketing first dipped her toes into the professional world with an executive internship—then a full-time position—at Target. This…

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Blue Collar Agency Meet Sarah Lembcke

Meet Sarah Lembcke

Sarah comes to Blue Collar by way of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Uganda. Yes, you read that right. This adventurous soul kicked the dust off of her Portland hometown and worked as an au pair, a preschool and kindergarten teacher…

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Blue Collar Agency Year In Review

2017 Year in Review

As 2017 starts to fade into the rearview, it’s hard to keep the nostalgia from welling up. Call us saps, call us optimists, but even despite the fact that there’s a mind-blowing bias towards negative news (did you know that a 2014 study revealed that headlines featuring negative superlatives earn a 63% higher click-through rate?) we’re looking back lovingly on all of the excellence that 2017 brought.

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Meet Vince Ready

Born Canadian and raised a Seattleite, Vince Ready is a Pacific Northwesterner through and through. He’s a man of many talents, having spent time in technical sales and working as a photographer and a business analyst. And that’s just the…

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