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2018 Year In Review

2018 Year in Review

Call us cliche, but we love celebrating the New Year. Taking a moment to pause and reflect on the year in review and all the obstacles, wins, new faces, and new spaces helps us to approach the year ahead with fresh excitement and higher goals.

Speaking of new faces, we’re excited to have welcomed new mechanic and Senior Account Manager Sarah Lembcke to the team. She brings new perspective and strategic clout to our new and growing accounts. And, once we moved into our new dog-friendly office space, we gained a friendly pack of office dogs including Sarah’s puppy, Sunny the heeler, Cooper and Zipper, Kahana, and occasionally a guest appearance by Cedar and Yeti. Can you tell we’re dog people?

For us, 2019 represents a fresh start and some new client work we can’t wait to share. Keep your eyes peeled to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to be the first to know.

For now, the mechanics will take you down memory lane.

What’s your best win of 2018?

Jaime: Scoring a sick, low mileage ruby red Honda Element.

Meredith: We packed in the adventures, got another Aussie puppy and a boat!

Elle: Plan a wedding! That’s some hard work.

Sarah: Adopting my dog, Sunny and moving to Hood River.

Tom: Finding the inspiration to start making art again.

Tyler: Buying a house in Hood River. I guess that means we’re staying!

April: Visited Philadelphia, my home city, and reignited relationships with close colleagues from my formative years in the big city.

Blue Collar Agency Year in Review 2019

Elle and Gary cheersing to new things, Tom’s artwork “The Butcher Bird”, and Sarah with Sunny!

Which mechanic is most likely to run off with the circus?

“Tom! I think he’d be happy there and would fit right in.”

Blue Collar Agency Year in Review 2019Which mechanic is most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket?

“I think Sunny, Sarah’s new puppy would win then eat the winning ticket!”

Blue Collar Agency Year in Review 2019

Favorite places visited in 2018

Jaime: Hiking the timberline trail, a 41 mile trail that goes entirely around Mt Hood.  It has different views and landscapes around every corner.

Meredith: 2018 is going to be hard to beat. Lots of fam time, Baja, Hawaii, road trips all over the place, camping, AZ. Baja tops the list, though.

Elle: Skiing in Japan tops the charts by far!

Sarah: Hawaii and Toronto

Tom: Scuba diving in Cozumel & The Owyhee Canyonlands in Eastern Oregon.

Tyler: Crater Lake in July was pretty awesome. I had been before, but it was quite a while ago. The last time I drove up, there was 20 feet of snow.

April: Lake Powell and the summit of South Sister

Blue Collar Agency Year in Review

Tom’s new underwater buddy, Tyler with River next to a massive snowbank, Jaime and friends hiking the Timberline trail around Mt. Hood

2019…come at us. If there’s one thing that we love about agency life, it’s this: the dust never settles. So here’s to the unexpected, the exciting, and the explosive that’s invariably headed our way. We’re limber and caffeinated, and we have a lot more to say.

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  1. I am so impressed with Blue Collar as a member of the community. I love that you are supporting our robust and fabulous waterfront.

    It’s great that you’re dog-friendly, but what really speaks volumes about your culture is that you are people friendly. Creating and retaining a talented and happy crew says only the best comes from Blue Collar. Congrats on your successful year!

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