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2017 Year In Review

2017 Year in Review

As 2017 starts to fade into the rearview, it’s hard to keep the nostalgia from welling up. Call us saps, call us optimists, but even despite the fact that there’s a mind-blowing bias towards negative news (did you know that a 2014 study revealed that headlines featuring negative superlatives earn a 63% higher click-through rate?) we’re looking back lovingly on all of the excellence that 2017 brought.

From a shifting client roster, to new mechanics, to an entirely new office (shoutout to BEAST!) we’ve made some serious tracks this year.

As for our clients, we’ve recently fired up creative collaboration with the inspiring and motivated crew from WellHaven Pet Health, and while we’re here making predictions, we foresee a long and successful path forward for them. 2017 was also the year that we were able to hang our hats on some exciting brand work for HYPHN (formerly SmithCFI), Nightforce Optics, and The Turnpike Partnership in addition to polishing the look and messaging behind the launch of Yakima’s 2017 bike rack line—talk about a dream list of clients and projects.

But now it’s time to pass the mic to the mechanics themselves.

2017: Year of the ?

In case you have yet to notice, we’re not super enthused about following the rules, as is quite evident in this video. In our ode to the things that made 2017 quirky, memorable, or downright weird, we shout out to the weatherman, Salvator Mundi, our favorite comfort food, and somehow a chicken snuck in there…?

Best Client Win

See the video on Instagram!

It’s the grit, passion, and incredible dedication of our clients that drives our own. We’re constantly blown away by the caliber of the ideas that our clients come forward with—it makes our jobs not only easier and more fun, but so damn worth doing. For Yakima, we were able to take their big idea for a daily giveaway sweepstakes and turn it into a successful, branded celebration of Summer Solstice. Likewise, after Ken Onion has—for the upteenth time—proved his domination of the knifemaking industry, with Field Strip Technology, we were able to help them craft tight, powerful brand messaging around it to make it shine. And, of course, our longest tenured client, Sigma Photo keep pushing the envelope of innovation with their Art lens line and now cine lenses to elevate the brand to a level that truly contends in an incredibly competitive space.

So, here’s to the powerful brands that catalyze our creative juices.


Best Team Win

Teamwork makes the dream work. Each last mechanic—dirt on their hands, a mischievous glint in their eye—show up day in and day out and, simply, get it done. So when there’s something to celebrate, we go all out with the streamers, per se. And by that, we mean to admit that we’ve helped ourselves to a few celebratory beers over the course of the last year.  

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

We published a few more videos on Instagram! Watch us be awkward on camera!

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2018…come at us. If there’s one thing that we love about agency life, it’s this: the dust never settles. So here’s to the unexpected, the exciting, and the explosive that’s invariably headed our way. We’re limber and caffeinated, and we have a lot more to say.

For more from us kooks in the Blue Collar Garage, find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you want to get in touch and talk shop, hit us up on our contact page. Also, don’t miss the Blue Collar Mechanic Anthems of 2017 playlist on Spotify. Cheers to you, and happy New Year!

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