Who could possibly produce good, authentic work when they aren’t having a good time? They say high school buds Chris Hanley and Scott Abbott invented Trivial Pursuit over some beers and shit talking.

After nearly twenty years working in marketing and advertising, I can say I’ve never known a great campaign idea or funky piece of artwork to come about as a product of boredom and monotony. I’ve known my favorite work to be born of exciting collaboration with people I know and enjoy, and a sizeable chunk of that work has come from my time running with Sigma Photo.

Our stoke on Sigma hasn’t gone unnoticed

Why Fun, Friendship, and Curiosity is Good For Business



How often do you get to work with a brand you’ve drooled over since you laid eyes on it? Lucky us, we’re announcing a new client: Full Sail Brewing. And we couldn’t be more tuned up over it.

When Tom and I first set foot in Hood River, we were immediately drawn to Full Sail’s Session brand identity. Duh!?

It’s been a snowballing beer affair with all things Full Sail ever since.

New Client: Full Sail Brewing




Honk! Honk! In March, we hit the one-year mark with Mason County Tourism and we’re hyped to give our horn a toot. We’ve been able to add measurable value to this tourism client and we’re having a hell of a good time reminiscing.

Tourism Recap: Year One on the Wild Side



500×500 Challenge: The Ride

Well, about five months have elapsed since my first 500×500 challenge post and it is finally time to wrap this series up and say goodbye (for now). What a journey it has been! It feels like an eternity and a day since I picked up the old Virago in Portland and delivered it to Hood River. Now that the ride has come and gone, it’s time for a recap and to share some life lessons.

500x500 Challenge: The Ride

The XS850 all geared up



Born in Oregon: The CRKT Video

About two years ago we were tasked with creating a video for Columbia Knife and Tool that captured the spirit of the brand and visually presented the ‘Confidence in Hand’ brand strategy. After a few project hurdles, we set out into the wilds of Oregon to bring this video to life.

The project by the numbers

  • 6 days of shooting
  • 8 locations
  • 17 script revisions
  • 1 keyboard smashed in frustration
  • 1 trip to the emergency room
  • 94 cups of coffee
  • 1,346 photos

Over 9.4 terrabytes of 4k footage later, we not only have a finished video to be proud of, but a sizable cache of stories to share.

Confidence in Hand CRKT Video

A small sampling of the equipment in tow. Vans full of supplies and equipment became our daily reality.



I hate to sound like a broken record, but this blog post might start much like my last one did. The 500×500 Challenge ride is two short days away, and the preceding weeks have been filled with nothing but starter and battery issues. Alas, it is officially time to raise the white flag.

Rest easy, I will still be going on the ride on another bike, and I plan to bring the rust bucket along to tinker with around the campfire. Who knows, maybe we will get it running and there will be a redemption story after all! Regardless, this blog series will wrap up with a full recap of the 500×500 ride and ensuing shenanigans, complete with pictures and video.

500x500 Challenge: Swerve

The XV750 loaded up and ready for the ride.



Years ago we bequeathed upon some small, musty corners of Portland a Blue Collar brainchild: The Persuaders Society. Simply, we realized that there are some remarkably kick-ass creatives living among us, and we wanted to connect them with those who feel moved and inspired by their doings.

The Persuaders Society: GMUNK

Since its inception, we’ve hosted live talks with Professional Storyteller David Vanadia, Designer Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., Principal Architect at Skylab Architecture, Jeff Kovel, and most recently, award-winning author Rene Denfeld. The short of it: whoa.

Many of these accomplished individuals are friends, or friends of friends, and we’ve been lucky enough to tap the wealth of resources that’s afforded by Portland’s prolific creative community. This year, we are switching things up, and looking outside our immediate circle.

First up was the king of Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg. Cruise through our little “Ode to Zuck” then come back and get a peek at our next-up Persuader: GMUNK.



Meet Brett Ratchford

Fresh to The Garage and to The Gorge, we welcome Project Manager Brett Ratchford to this crew!

As traveled as the day is long, Brett came to Blue Collar by way of extensive world travels. There’s hardly space to enumerate his pre-University-of-Oregon-business-graduate-degree resume, though Chinese language student, bike racer, tour guide, and webmaster rise to the top.

A true jack of all trades both professionally and recreationally; we are pleased to introduce you to this stellar addition.

Meet Brett Ratchford

Get to know this seasoned traveler with some Q + A.



Once long ago, we had a realization: we have no regard for living within a predetermined blueprint. We especially have no regard for working within one. And thus, borne of these epiphanies and a reverence for those who agreed, The Persuaders Society began.

The Persuaders Society: Mark Zuckerberg

It has known its humble beginnings in the musty, moody, back corner of Al’s Den, in a musty, moody, back corner of Portland. Surrounded by creative colleagues, some of Portland’s best and most motivated professionals and the like, we have diligently practiced our tagline: “Think Free.”

This model has served us well in the past, but this year we are setting our sights elsewhere. Rather than utilizing personal connections, and tapping the wealth of friend-of-friend resources that we have been luckily afforded in Portland’s prolific community, we’ve inflated the scale.

First up?

Mark Zuckerberg



Shoeboxes have been overturned, the entries have flooded in, and we’ve crowned a winner! Valerie Hahn is running off with the $500 prize for creepiest photo. And for good reason! Shifty Santa wearing blush? We’ll pass on that lap. Regardless, congrats Valerie!

In response to learning she won the grand prize, Valerie responded “Thank you so much—I’m stoked! We take out this picture every year and laugh and laugh at it. My aunt has it hanging on her refrigerator year-round.” Truly, creepy can’t be held down by a season. That’s poetic.

And the #MyCreepyChristmas Winner Is…