Creative Curiosity: A State Of Wonder

Creative Curiosity: A State of Wonder

When I was just a kid, back when the sky seemed bluer and days longer, I was never bored. Between building forts in the woods or wandering aimlessly around flea markets with my $5 weekly allowance burning a hole in my pocket, I found interest in everything. Back then, I’d walk with my Grandfather around our property where he’d quiz me on trees. “What tree is this?” he’d ask. Most of our trees were deciduous, so typically, after a quick inspection for a telltale field marking, I’d confidently respond: “Alder” or “Hickory.” Occasionally he’d try to trick me by asking me to name a shrub, like a Mountain Laurel (my fav). My Grandmother would do the same, though her speciality was birds—which honestly, I found far more satisfying.

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