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Every year, when we see summer rolling in—igniting the Gorge’s hillsides with wildflowers, and resurrecting Double Mountain’s legendary Heirloom Pie from the archived summer menu—we at Blue Collar have one thing on our minds: whitewater rafting.

We Make Wetsuits Look Good

Goofy—we’ve got this covered!

Our home, the Columbia River Gorge, is known for having some of the best recreational river access in the country and every year the mechanics pull on wetsuits, tighten down PFDs, bear our meanest game faces, and tackle the tumultuous whitewater that is The White Salmon.



Another enticing creative venture has recently pulled into the Blue Collar Garage. We propped up the hood, dove in head-first and are now eager to unveil our work with Legacy / GoHealth Urgent Care centers in the Portland area.

For this new breed of contemporary urgent care facilities, our challenge was to create a campaign strategy with a distinctly Portland feel.

The specs:

  • Maintain the professionalism and serious nature of healthcare
  • Resonate regionally
  • Stand above the drab medical marketing crowd

GoHealth Urgent Care is a fresh take on the worn out, devastatingly arduous task of getting urgent care. So it started with some good, simple copy highlighting just that: “They make it easy for people to get in, get looked at, and get on their way.”

Not Sure If It’s a Boo-Boo or a Break? GoHealth Gets a Revamp.

The cornerstone of this project, for us was creating a campaign to stand up and parallel their redefined health care tactics, and so we needed some solid visuals to rise to the challenge.



We’re thrilled to welcome Meredith Jaques to the garage as Social Media Producer.

Hood River born and raised just like her father and grandfather, Meredith is a rarity in this town though she couldn’t get out fast enough. After graduating a year early, Meredith moved clear across the country to attend the University of Vermont, and to earn a degree in psychology. Upon opting out of grad school, and into ski-bumming, she found herself in Jackson WY. Finally, tired of the land-locked mountains, Meredith decided to move west and was surprised to end up back in the ‘hood. She had grown up, and so had Hood River.

Get to know a little more about our newest team member with some Q&A.

Meet Meredith Jaques



We are proud to announce that the under-trodden natural marvel and small-town cultural delight of Hood Canal has been given a powerful new voice. The Mechanics pulled on onesies, grabbed toolboxes and got under the hood of the old website to rev up the marketing strategy, and polish up the brand identity behind this gem of the Olympic Peninsula.

Hood Canal's New Brand Identity



Customer Loyalty Through Content Creation

The ethereal opening shot of Ben Knight and Travis Rummel’s “Denali” is one that depicts the misty and untamed Oregon coast punctuated by a lone Volkswagen Vanagon L with surf gear tumbling out of it. You can just barely make out lethargically intrigued dog-ears through the back window. It brings involuntary tears to my eyes even after I watch it for the fifth time.



Harvest the Fruits: Integrating Social Media and Email

Think of sugar snap peas and you can’t help but think about the sweet peas resting inside a sometimes stringy and starchy pod. In biological terms, one can’t function effectively without the other. The pod cradles the growing peas and nurtures them until they can disperse and be fruitful in the world (yes, pun intended), making more little pea plants that will in turn make more duo teams of peas and pods.

The pod is useless if it doesn’t have peas to nurture, and the peas can’t survive without the pod. For one to function, it must have the other. Strengthening and nurturing both will grow stronger plants.

And so goes the relationship of social media and email. In this day and age, you can’t really do without the other. Email is your peas and social media is your pod. Or if you hate your email box, assume the opposite and you’re nurturing the little fruits of social labor with the reminder and information carrier that is email.

Email and Social Media: Two Peas in a Pod



What does hashtag flour mean?

A mother and her late teenage son meandered into the baking aisle the other day and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on their conversation as I was perusing the spice rack:

Mom: (hands full) “Hey, will you read me that recipe card and tell me how much flour we need?”

Kid: (furrowed brow) “Yeah, I would, but I’m not sure what hashtag flour means.”

Ha! Hashtag flour. I could hardly suppress my giggles as I booked it to the next aisle to avoid making a scene. But once the guffaws subsided, I was struck by the purely honest way that the pound symbol was no longer meaningful to him in any way but in terms of social media.

I Am Millennial, Hear Me #Roar



Not that long ago, companies could build a brand’s reputation into a Mad Men daydream by culminating a team of skilled public relations reps who packaged well-crafted words with impressionable images and sold it to the masses. The brand was consequently devoured based on appeal, and the most challenging aspect was simply creating a flashier campaign than the competition.

The Lucky Strike “It’s toasted” ad actually appeared in 1917, but this is a great pseudo-ad:



We live in a world bursting at the seams with glutinous, sugar-frosted goodness and downright saturated with caffeinated beverages. Yet somehow Voodoo Doughnuts and Red Bull make their marketing voices heard over the seething cacophony of their competitors. While an obligatory tip-of-the-hat goes out to (what I find to be) the deliciousness of one of those donut shaped sugar bombs and the OG card held by Red Bull, these companies stand heads above the rest because they aren’t afraid to own their market.

Owning Your Market: Aim Small & Be The Epicenter